4th Class English Letter Writing Question Bank Letter Writing

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    Direction (Qs. 15 to 25): Given below letters with so many mistakes. Mistakes are marked bold and underlined, re-write the letters correctly.

    Write a letter to a publisher, ordering him some books you will require in your new class, as they are not available in the market.
    B-179, Defence colony;
    Canal East Road:
    The Publisher,
    Wisdom Books Pvt Ltd;
    Circus View Road, New Delhi.
    12th April 2013:
    Respected Sir!
    I shall be ...15.obilyzed... if you will send me the... 16. f plowing.... books as ...17.suun... as possible. These books have gone out of ...18.stok... in our market and I ...19.neaed... them soon.
    1.  ..20.Basiks... of English Grammar-part-iv
    2.  ...21.Aksess.. to English Activities-part-iv
    3.  ..22. Envirmental.. Studies for class-iv
    4.  Spell It Perfectly-part-iv
    5.  Radiant Reader for class-iv
    6.  Book on..23. Fabens.. for class-iv
    You can send these ...24.throu... your reliable carrier service, to the above address and your bill will be paid on ...25.receit... through cash on delivery.
    Thanking you!
    Yours faithfully,
    Arpan Dutta.

    A) basics     

    B)  basiks         

    C)  bacics                        

    D)  baceeks

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :



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