9th Class Social Science Democratic Rights Question Bank Long Answer Type - Demoratic Rights

  • question_answer What are the main features of Right to Equality?


    (i) Every citizen, from the Prime Minister to a small farmer in a remote village, is subject to the same laws.
    (ii) Under Right to Equality, the government shall not discriminate against any citizen on the grounds of religion, ethnicity, sex or place of birth.
    (iii) Every citizen shall have access to public places like shops, restaurants, hotels and cinema halls.
    (iv) All citizens have equality of opportunity in matters relating to employment or appointment to any position in the government. No citizen shall be discriminated against or made ineligible for employment on any grounds.
    (v) Equality means giving everyone an equal opportunity to achieve whatever one is capable of. Sometimes, it is necessary to give special treatment to someone in order to ensure equal opportunity.


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