10th Class Social Science Lifelines of National Economy Question Bank Long Answer Type - Lifelines of National Economy

  • question_answer What is the importance of roads in India? Explain any four major problems faced by road transportation.                                                       [AI 2005 C]


    Importance of Road transport in India:

    (i) Roads are important for transport of goods and passengers for short and medium distances
    (ii) They are relatively cheap and easy, both in construction and maintenance.
    (iii) The connect fields with markets, factories and farms.
    (iv) They provide door to door service.
    (v) Roads can be built even at high altitudes or mountainous region.
    (vi) For perishable goods, roads provide better services than railways.
    (vii) Border road constructed at strategic areas.
    Four major problems faced by road transportation are:
    (i) The road network is inadequate.
    (ii) About half of the roads not are season roads.
    (iii) The National Highways are inadequate.
    (iv) The roads are highly congested in cities and their bridges and culverts are narrow leading to traffic jam.
    (v) The roadside amenities like telephone, health services, police protection are poor on National Highways.
    (vi) Cost of maintenance is high as roads need repair very often 
    (Any four)

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