10th Class Social Science Lifelines of National Economy Question Bank Long Answer Type - Lifelines of National Economy

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    Efficient network of transport and communication is a pre-requisite for local, national and global trade of today? Explain.


    Transport system has facilitate the movement of goods and service from the areas of production to the areas of consumption. It also help in the mobility of labour from one place to another. Transport helps in the assemblage of raw materials and distribution of finished goods, thus contributing to the development of industries. It promotes internal trade as well as international trade as no country is self-sufficiently in everything. It helps maintain the defense of the country. Transport and communication contributes to promotion of tourism thus contributing value additional to our economy. It promotes national integration and international understanding. They have contributed to exchange of information, ideas and technology, thus providing better amenities and facilities to enjoy a better standard of living. Thus, transport and communication is a precondition for economic development of every country. Greater the accessibility, faster the economic development and vice versa.

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