9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank Long Answer Type Questions - Electoral Politics

  • question_answer Briefly explain the election procedure in India.


            The process of election in India runs through the following stages:                   (a) It begins with the notification by the President calling upon the people to elect their representatives to constitute a new Lok Sabha and the Governor for an Assembly election (b) Once the notification is issued, the Election Commission announces the election schedule         (c) The different political parties choose their candidates keeping in mind their nomination winning the elections.                                          (d) After being nominated, the candidates of different parlies file their nomination papers paperes Returning Officer of their constituency. The Returning Officer scrutinises all nomination papers. At this stage he can reject nominations. The candidates can also withdraw their a certain date. After this a final list is prepared, symbols are aliened and ballot papers are printed. (e) The different parties declare their election manifestos and start campaigning to persuade the voters to vote for them. Campaigning includes, meetings, speeches, processions and to house canvassing. Campaigning stops 48 hours before polling begins.      (f) All adult citizens cast their votes through secret ballot on the date fixed for polling. voting is over, the ballot boxes are sealed and taken to the counting cenntres. After the votes are counted, the result is declared If any candidate is not satisfied with the election results, he can appeal to the High Court or Supreme Court. In case of booth capturing or if any other malpractice is reported, a may be ordered by the Election Commission.


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