10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Long Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

  • question_answer Explain the grievances of the peasants against the government. What steps were taken to organise peasant movement to fulfil their demands?


    People of different groups and sections conceived the Non-cooperation differently and reacted in their own way. However all of them responded to the call of Swaraj and were inspired by Gandhiji.
    In cities the movement started with middle class participation involving students, teachers, lawyers, members of government services and legislative councils through the method of Satyagraha.
    In the countryside it drew the peasants and tribals to the fold of the movement. In Awadh peasants were led by Baba Ramchandra.
    They launched the movement against rich landlords and talukdars who demanded high land revenue and other cesses. Peasants were forced to perform begar on the land of the talukdars. The peasants demanded reeducation of land revenue and abolition of begar.
    Many Kissan Sabha were set up. Houses of the talukdars and merchants were attacked.
    Tribals reacted in another way. Their main anger was against the forest laws of the colonial government which deprived them of the traditional right of entering the forests to graze their cattle and collect firewood and fruits. It Gudem hills of Andhra Pradesh a gurrilla militant movement was organised under Alluri Sitaram Raju. Gudem rebels attacked police station and attempted to kill police officials. Raju was captured and executed in 1924.
    Congress leaders visited these places and wanted to integrate them in one movement under Gandhiji.
    In 1920, Oudh Kissan Sabha was set up which was followed by 300 other branches in many places. The local leaders told peasants that Gandhiji had declared that no taxes were to be paid and land was to be distributed among the poor. The name of Mahatma was invoked to sanction all actions and aspirations.

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