10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Long Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

  • question_answer Examine the main features of peasant movement during Civil Disobedience Movement.


    Main features of Peasant Movement during Civil Disobedience Movement:
    In the countryside, rich peasant communities like patidars of Gujarat and jats of Uttar Pradesh were active in civil Disobedience Movement.
    Being producers of commercial crops they were hit hard by the trade depression and falling prices of cash crops. They found it difficult to pay government revenue due to loss Refusal of government to reduce revenue led to widespread agitation and unrest.
    The rich peasants became supporters of the movement. For them the struggle for Swaraj was the struggle against high revenue.
    Poorer peasants however had different problems. Many of them were tenants on rented land owned by others. Due to the Great Depression their incomes dwindled. They found it difficult to pay the rent for their land. They wanted their rent to be remitted and joined radical movements led by socialists and communists. Congress however did not support no rent campaign.

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