10th Class Social Science Resources and Development Question Bank Long Answer Type - Resources and Development

  • question_answer Classify resources on the basis of the status of development into four groups. Explain the main features of each group.                                                                                                                                     [AI 2008]


    On the basis of the status of development, resources are classified into four groups, namely potential, developed, stock and reserve.

    (i) Potential Resources: Potential resources are those which are found in a region but have not been utilised. For example solar energy and wind energy available in Rajasthan and Gujarat have not been developed properly.
    (ii) Developed Resources: Developed resources are those which are estimated in terms of their quantity and quality for utilization e.g. water soil forests.
    (iii) Stock Resource: Materials in the environment which have the potential to satisfy human needs but are not technologically accessible to human beings e.g. use of water as a rich source of energy.
    (iv) Reserve Resource: Reserve is a part of stock which can be put to use in the near future with the help of existing technology e.g. water in dams forests.

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