JEE Main & Advanced Physics Magnetism Question Bank Magnetic Equipments

  • question_answer The time period of a vibration magnetometer is T0. Its magnet is replaced by another magnet whose moment of inertia is 3 times and magnetic moment is 1/3 of the initial magnet. The time period now will be              [MP PMT 2000]

    A)            3T0

    B)            T0

    C)            \[{{T}_{0}}/\sqrt{3}\]        

    D)            T0/3

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

               \[T=2\pi \sqrt{\frac{I}{M{{B}_{H}}}};\ I\to 3\] times and \[M\to \frac{1}{3}\]times So \[T\to 3\]times i.e. \[{T}'=3{{T}_{0}}\]


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