UPSC Geography Manufacturing Industries Question Bank Manufacturing Industries

  • question_answer Match the following
    A. Public sector industry 1 .Durgapur steel plant
    B. Agro-based industry 2. Sugar
    C. Light industry 3. Sewing machine
    D. Ancillary industry 4.Nuts and bolts

    A) A-1       B-2       C-3       D-4

    B) A-2       B-3       C-4       D-1

    C) A-3       B-4       C-1       D-2

    D) A-4       B-3       C-2       D-1

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Durgapur steel plant is a public sector industry because this plant is owned and run by the government. Sugar is an agro based industry because it uses sugarcane as the basic raw material which is an agricultural product. Sewing machine manufacturing does not involve heavy machinery and investment and is termed as light machine industry. Nut and bolts are used in machines manufactured by other industries and this industry is termed as ancillary industry.


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