2nd Class Mathematics Question Bank Mathematics Mock Test-14

  • question_answer Mala buys 2 ice-creams, costing Rs. 25 and Rs. 15. What is the exact amount paid for the ice-creams?

    A)  Rs. \[\text{1}0\times \text{3},\] Rs. \[\text{5}\times \text{1}\]              

    B)  Rs. \[\text{5}\times \text{4},\] Rs. \[\text{1}0\times \text{3}\]

    C)  Rs. \[\text{1}0\times \text{2},\] Rs. \[\text{5}\times \text{5}\]             

    D)  Rs. \[\text{1}0\times \text{2},\] Rs. \[\text{5}\times \text{4}\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

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