4th Class Science Matter and Materials Question Bank Matter and Materials

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    Four different types of matter are put into the syringes as see in the 'Before' diagrams. The opening of each syringe is then covered tightly and the piston is pushed as hard as possible. The results for each syringe are shown in the 'After' diagrams.
    Which syringe is most likely to have cod liver oil in it?

    A) Syringe in diagram W

    B) Syringe in diagram X

    C) Syringe in diagram Y

    D) Syringe in diagram Z

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Cod liver oil is a liquid and liquids cannot be compressed. In figure 'X', the piston has not moved, showing the incompressibility of the liquid i.e., presence of cod liver oil in it.


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