4th Class Science Matter and Materials Question Bank Matter and Materials

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    Nidhi knocked three metal thumbtacks into the middle section of a block of wood and covered this section with a piece of white paper. Then, she brought a lighted candle near this section.
    After few seconds, she removed the Sighted candle and found burn marks on the paper except on the areas where the thumbtacks were present. Which of the following best explains this observation?

    A) The paper was a good conductor of heat.

    B) The thumbtacks and the paper had different temperatures.

    C) Some parts of the wood absorbed the heat from the candle flame.

    D) The thumbtacks conducted heat away quickly before the paper could get burnt.

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    The thumbtacks are made up of metal. When lighted candle was brought near the thumbtacks, they conducted the heat away from the paper and prevented it from burning.


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