4th Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Question Bank Measurement

  • question_answer Complete the passage given below: Teepu is 25 years old. He loves driving. One day he went out for a drive in his car. After driving for 12 km, he stopped for something to eat. He then drive for another 26 km. He checked his car's fuel and realized that for___ (A) ___ km he has used 2 litres of petrol, his car was running out of fuel so he went to a petrol pump which was 8 km away and filled his car's tank with 3 litres of petrol. He checked his car's metre and realized that he has driven ___ (B) ___ km from his house to the petrol pump. He then decided to drive back to his home and eventually arrived home at 8:00 pm which was ___ (C) ___ km away from the petrol pump. He then told his mother that he drive ___ (D) ___ km throughout the day. D:

    A) 89     

    B) 90     

    C) 91     

    D) 92

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Since, he travelled for 46 km on one side so, total distance he travelled throughout the day becomes 2 times 46 km\[=2\times 46km=92km\]. Therefore, the answer is option (d) 92.


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