4th Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Question Bank Measurement

  • question_answer Madhavi drove 236 km on first day and reached a place 579 km 345 m away from her house on the next day. What distance did she travel on the second day?

    A)  343 km 345m

    B)  331 km 345m

    C)    313 km 534m

    D)    313 km 354m

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Distance covered on two days = 579 km 345 m Distance covered on the first day = 236 km \[\therefore \] Distance covered on the second day \[=.\text{579 km 345}-\text{236 km}\] \[=\text{579345 m}-\text{236}000\text{ m}\] \[=\text{343345 m}=\text{343 km 345 m}\]


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