4th Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Question Bank Measurement

  • question_answer Complete the passage given below: Ladoo is a cute boy. He was very thin when he was in class 1. His weight has 20 kg. His mother started giving him healthy foods. After 6 months he gained ___ (A) ___ kg and his weight become 32 kg. After 1 year, he gained ___ (B) ____ kg and his weight became 45 kg. He became very fat so he started exercising. After few months he lost ___ (C) ___ kg and his weight became 31 kg. Then he decided to maintain his weight and lost another ___ (D) ___ kg and so that he could keep his weight as 27 kg. Now he is normal not too fat and not too thin. B:     

    A) 10     

    B) 11     

    C) 12     

    D) 13

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

        45 kg ? 32 kg = 13 kg Therefore, the answer is option (d) 13.


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