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  • question_answer A right-circular cylinder open at the top is filled with liquid of relative density 1.2. It is rotated about its vertical axis at such a speed that half the liquid spills out. The pressure at the centre of the bottom will be:

    A) Zero

    B) One-fourth of the value when the cylinder was full

    C) Half of the value when the cylinder was full

    D) Not determinable from the given data.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Let r= radius, h= height of cylinder, z=depth of paraboloid                               Volume of water spilled out = Volume of paraboloid of revolution \[0.5r{{\pi }^{2}}h=0.5\,\,5r{{\pi }^{2}}z\]                   Therefore, no water is left in the cylinder at the centre resulting in zero pressure at the centre of J bottom.

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