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  • question_answer A cylindrical piece of cork weighing 'W floats with its axis in horizontal position in a liquid of relative density 4. By anchoring the bottom, the cork piece is made to float at natural equilibrium position with its axis vertical. The vertically downward force exerted by anchoring would be:

    A) 0.5 W               

    B) W

    C) 2 W                             

    D) 4 W

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Relative density of cork = 4                 Therefore it will float up to \[\frac{1}{4}th\]  of its height in the liquid. Centre of gravity and centre of buoyancy of cork must coincide to make it float in neutral equilibrium. Therefore, the cork must be immersed to its full height. For this purpose, downward force to be applied to cork = buoyant force on cork = 4 W.

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