Railways Technical Ability Metrology and Inspection Question Bank Metrology and Inspection

  • question_answer For a manual operation observed time data are given below:
    Recorded time                : 15 minute
    Rating of the worker           : 80%
    Personal allowance            : 0.6 minute
    Basic fatigue allowance        : 0.8 minute
    Contingency work allowance    : 12 minute
    Unavoidable delay allowance   : 11 minute
    What is the standard time for the operation?

    A) 16.4 minute                  

    B) 175 minute

    C) 185 minute                   

    D) none of the above

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Standard time \[=15\left[ 0.8\left\{ 1+\frac{0.6+0.8+1.2+1.1}{15} \right\} \right]\] \[=1.5\,[0.8(1+0.2467)]=14.96\,min\]

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