Railways Technical Ability Metrology and Inspection Question Bank Metrology and Inspection

  • question_answer The following data is available form time study on a job: Observed time \[=0.75\] min., rating = 110% relaxation allowance = 10% personal allowance = 3%, delay allowance = 2%. All allowances are expressed in % of normal time. What is the approximate standard time for this job?

    A) 0.95 minutes                 

    B) 0.625 minutes

    C) 0.825 minutes   

    D) 0.74 minutes

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Standard time  \[=0.75\,[(1.10)+0.1+0.03+0.02]\] \[=0.75\,\,[1.1\times 1.15]=0.95\,min\]

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