Railways Technical Ability Metrology and Inspection Question Bank Metrology and Inspection

  • question_answer The standard time of an operation has been calculated as 10 min. The worker was rated at 80%. If the relaxation and other allowances were 25%, then the observed time would be:

    A) 12.5 min                       

    B) 10 min

    C) 8 min               

    D) 6.5 min

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Observed time \[=\frac{\text{Standard}\,\,time\times 10}{Rating\,\,of\,\,\text{worker}\times (100+%allowance)}\] \[=\frac{10\times 100}{0.8\times (100+25)}=10\,\min .\]

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