UPSC Geography Oceans and continents Question Bank Oceanography

  • question_answer Match List I with List II and find out the correct answer by using the codes given below
    List I (Theory of Tidal Oragins)              List II (Scholar)   
    A. Equilibrium Theory   1. Laplace   
    B. Dynamic Theory        2. William Whewell  
    C. Progressive wave 3. Newton Theory   
    D. Stationary wave 4. R.A. Harris Theory

    A)  A-1      B-3       C-2       D-4

    B)  A-3      B-1       C-2       D-4

    C) A-2       B-4       C-3       D-1

    D) A-4       B-2       C-1       D-3

    Correct Answer: B


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