4th Class Mathematics Area, Perimeter and Volume Question Bank Perimeter & Area

  • question_answer The figure given is formed using five ^^ identical rectangles. The perimeter of the figure is 66 cm. Find the perimeter of each rectangle.

    A)  30 cm

    B)                            15 cm

    C)  18 cm            

    D)    135 cm

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    \[\therefore \] Length of the figure = 3 units Breadth of the figure = 2.5 units Perimeter\[~=\text{2 (3}+\text{2}.\text{5)}\] units \[=\text{2}\times \text{5}.\text{5}\] = 11 units Given perimeter = 66 cm 11 units = 66 cm So, 1 unit \[=\frac{6\text{6 cm}}{11}=\text{6 cm}\] \[\therefore \] Length of each rectangle = 9 cm Breadth of each rectangle = 6 cm \[\Rightarrow \] Perimeter \[=\text{ 2}\times (\text{9}+\text{6})\text{ cm}\] \[=\text{2}\times \text{15 cm}=\text{3}0\text{ cm}\] Hence, the perimeter of each rectangle is 30 cm.


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