4th Class Science Plants Question Bank Plant Life - I (Adaptation in Plants)

  • question_answer Plants adapt themselves to surroundings. Can you identify the features in the plants shown in the figure which help them to adapt to their surroundings. Match the plants with the features given below.
    I. II. III. IV.
    p. prickly spines
    q. breathing roots
    r. broad, wax coated leaves
    s. needle shaped leaves

    A)  \[I-p,ll-q,lll-r,IV-s\]

    B) \[I-q,II-r,III-s,IV-p\]

    C)  \[I-s,II-r,III-q,IV-p\]

    D)  \[I-r,II-p,III-s,IV-q\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    The lotus plant has wax coated broad leaves. The cactus has prickly spines and conifers have needle shaped leaves. Mangroves have breathing roots.


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