4th Class Science Plants Question Bank Plants

  • question_answer Refer to the given picture. Select the option that gives correct matching of labelled part with its examples and uses.

    A)  W-Radish as vegetable, X-Sweet potato as vegetable

    B)  Y-Cabbage as vegetable, Z-Cotton as fibre producer

    C)  Y-Clove as spice, W-Cinnamon as spice

    D)  Y-Fennel as spice, Y-Spinach as vegetable

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Radish and sweet potato are roots used as vegetables. Cabbage and spinach are leaves used as vegetables. Clove is floral bud used as spice, cinnamon is stem bark used as spice. However fennel is a fruit used as spice. Cotton fruit bears seeds which produce fibres.   


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