4th Class Science Plants Question Bank Plants

  • question_answer Some children wanted to find out how overcrowding can affect plant growth. They took four pairs of plants, A, B, C and D, as shown here and kept them at the same location. Each pot is given the same amount of water each day. Which pair of plants will give the correct result of their experiment?





    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Plants need water, nutrients present in the soil and sunlight to grow. Good soil means soil containing essential nutrients. Poor soil does not contain essential nutrients. Therefore, plants should be planted in good soil to grow. Also, overcrowding affects the growth of the plants because they will compete for the resources like water, nutrients and sunlight and this will lead to poor growth of plants. Thus, children should keep other factors same except the number of plants grown. In option (d), the amount of soil in both the pots is not same.           


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