1st Class Science Plants Question Bank Plants

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    Direction (22 - 30): Fill in the blanks in the passage given below.   Big and tall plants are called ______ (22) ______. Shrubs are the small & woody plant which are ______ (23) ______ than trees. Stem provides ______ (24) ______to the upper part of Plant.______(25)______are the green part of plant where food is made. Flower is the most _______(26) ______part of a plant , fruits are formed    from    ______    (27).    Seed    grows    inside    the ______    (28).    Papaya    have    ______(29)_______ seed. Brinjal   and   Potato   are   example   of   ______   (30)   ______

    A)  flower 

    B)  leaves

    C)  roots  

    D)           leaves

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :



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