JEE Main & Advanced Physics Wave Optics Question Bank Polarisation of Light

  • question_answer \[{{V}_{o}}\]and \[{{V}_{E}}\]represent the velocities,\[{{\mu }_{o}}\]and\[{{\mu }_{E}}\]the refractive indices of ordinary and extraordinary rays for a doubly refracting crystal. Then                                          [KCET 2002]

    A)            \[{{V}_{o}}\ge {{V}_{E}},\ \ {{\mu }_{o}}\le {{\mu }_{E}}\]if the crystal is calcite

    B)            \[{{V}_{o}}\le {{V}_{E}},\ \ {{\mu }_{o}}\le {{\mu }_{E}}\]if the crystal is quartz

    C)            \[{{V}_{o}}\le {{V}_{E}},\ \ {{\mu }_{o}}\ge {{\mu }_{E}}\]if the crystal is calcite

    D)            \[{{V}_{o}}\ge {{V}_{E}},\ \ {{\mu }_{o}}\ge {{\mu }_{E}}\]if the crystal is quartz

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

                       In double refraction light rays always splits into two rays (O-ray & E-ray). O-ray has same velocity in all direction but E-ray has different velocity in different direction. For calcite me < m0 Þ ve > v0 For quartz me > m0 Þ v0 > ve

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