JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Question Bank Rate of a reaction

  • question_answer The temperature coefficient for reaction in which food deteriorates is 2. Then food deteriorates ...... times as rapidly at \[{{25}^{o}}C\] as it does at \[{{5}^{o}}C\]

    A)                 Two      

    B)                 Four

    C)                 Six         

    D)                 Twenty

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

               \[\frac{{{K}_{t}}+10}{{{K}_{t}}}=\frac{{{r}_{t}}+10}{{{r}_{t}}}=2\].                                 For an increase of temperature to \[20{}^\circ C\] i.e. 2 times, the rate increase by \[{{2}^{2}}\]times, i.e. 4 times.

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