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  • question_answer Moist air exists at a pressure of 1.01 bar. The partial pressure and saturation pressure of water vapour are 0.01 bar and 0.02 bar, respectively. What are the relative humidity and humidity ratio of the moist air, respectively?

    A) 50% and 0.00622          

    B) 100% and 0.0126

    C) 50% and 0.0126

    D) 100% and 0.00622

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    \[{{P}_{a}}\,\,=\,\,1.01\] bar, \[{{P}_{v}}\,\,=\,\,0.01\] bar, \[{{P}_{s}}=0.02\] bar \[RH=\frac{{{P}_{v}}}{{{P}_{s}}}=\frac{0.01}{0.02}\]Or 50% \[W=\frac{0.622{{p}_{V}}}{{{P}_{a\,}}-{{P}_{v}}}=\frac{0.622\times 0.01}{1.01-0.01}=0.00622\]

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