4th Class Science Good Habits, Safety and First Aid Question Bank Safety and First Aid

  • question_answer Match the following safety rules in Column-I with their related terms in Column-II.
    Column - I Column - II
    p. Never touch    i. To get into the school bus
    q. Make a queue   ii. On the road
    r. Never play    iii. When it is clear
    s. Cross the road   iv Uncovered electrical and plugs

    A)  \[p-iii,q-ii,r-iv,s-i\]

    B)  \[p-iv,q-i,r-ii,s-iii\]

    C)  \[p-i,q-ii,r-iii,s-iv\]

    D)  \[p-iv,q-iii,r-ii,s-i\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Never touch electric wires and plugs. Make a queue to get into the bus, never play on the road, cross the road only when it is clear.


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