9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank Scratch Your Brain - Electoral Politics

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    Describe the significance of election commission in organising free and fair elections in India on the basis of the following news headlines and the chapters. Headline selection from the following:
    (a) EC issues notification constituting 14th Lok Sabha: HT, May 17.
    (b) Photo 1-cards not mandatory in Bihar polls: HT October 14, 2005.
    (c) Elections within six months rule mandatory: Centre - Hindu 18 Sep.
    (d) Election Commission must be a fair umpire: Hindu 18/10.
    (e) EC tightens norms for poll expenses: Deccan Herald 15 April 2004
    (f) Polling staff, security forces ready: Deccan Herald 26 April, 2004.
    (g) EC says no immediate plan to ban Exit Polls.
    (h) EC orders repoll in 398 more booths.
    (i) EC to visit Gujarat again, review poll arrangements: November 08, 2002 IE.
    (j) EC will seek power to censure political ads; 2004, The Pioneer.
    (k) HC asks EC to bar 'criminal' netas: 2004, The Pioneer.
    (l) EC accepts new Haryana DGP.



    (a) The Election Commission calls upon the people to elect their representatives and to constitute a new Lok Sabha. Following the notification, the election schedule is announced.
    (b) Realising the difficulty in completing the formalities for issue of Photo-I-Cards, Election Commission has not made it mandatory. Other means of identification like the Ration card or Passport can be used for these elections.
    (c) Following the dissolution of the House the Election Commission can call for fresh election within six months.
    (d) It must not seek to favour any party as it plays a vital role in the outcome of elections.
    (e) Election Commission prevents candidates from exceeding the limit prescribed for election expenditure.
    (f) The Election Commission ensures there is sufficient manpower to conduct elections and that adequate protection for voters and candidates is made. Also to ensure that electoral malpractices like booth capturing do not occur.
    (g) According to some critics exist polls can sway voters choices. But the Election Commission does not view it as a threat to holding free and fair elections and consequently has not sought to ban it.
    (h) Believing that certain electoral malpractices have made the results in these areas suspect, the Election Commission has asked for a repoll.
    (i) The Election Commission is responsible for ensuring that adequate security measures have been taken therefore review security arrangements in sensitive states.
    (j) Through political ads, political parties can gain undue advantage and sway voter's choices. Therefore, to ensure that this does not happen, the Election Commission seeks to censure them.
    (k) Candidates with a proven criminal record are not allowed to stand for elections and so, need to be debarred.
    (l) In times of elections, state government indulges in large scale transfer of officers who they feel are biased against them and seek to induct officials who will be of help during elections. These appointments and transfers have to be approved by the Election Commission.


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