9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank Scratch Your Brain - Electoral Politics

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    State true or false. Give two facts to support your position for each of these.
    (a) Election Commission of India does not have enough powers to conduct free and fair elections in the country.
    (b) There is a high level of popular participation in the elections in our country.          
    (c) It is very easy for the party in power to win an election.   (d) Many reforms are needed to make our elections completely free and fair.



    (a) No, the Election Commission is independent of the executive, and can order a repoll if needed.  
    (b) Yes, Voters turnout is increasing, People feel that their vote counts.
    (c) No, It has to win the confidence of the voter and there are many occasions when the ruling party has lost the elections.
    (d) Yes. To prevent money. Power and unfair practices from bearing fruit.


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