4th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Self Test-1

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    Read the following passage carefully and choose the correct answer:   The origin of the art of writing can be associated with the time when primitive people began to draw pictures on the wall of caves. The primitive artist was probably bored and needed to express himself/herself. Later their pictures developed into messages for others to read. By around 1500 BC the first alphabet was invented and 500 years after that Hebrew, Cyrillic, Arabic and Greek became well-established languages. Different countries around the world use different material to build their houses. The first home was made in a cave because that was the only available shelter known to man. Gradually, man started using wood and mud where it was freely available. The Eskimos still use ice blocks to build igloos and plaster it with water as that is the only material available to them. It also, surprisingly, keeps out the cold! In many parts of Africa, mud is used as it is a cheap building material and keeps the homes cool. The Bedouin, or nomads, use camel hair to weave them into tents. Finally, cities use concrete to make tall buildings so that they can be built high and strong and accommodate many people in a small space. People used, and still use locally available building material keeping their climate in mind when they build their homes. The staple food, or the basic food eaten on a regular basis by people, in many countries is rice and wheat. If you really think about it, rice is a form of grass. Does that make rice-eaters cows and sheep? Not really! And if you are a wheat-eater, you too are eating a kind of grass that is used to make bread and rotis.

    The ice in igloos is held together by ................................... ?

    A) Cement

    B) Ice

    C) Water

    D) Plaster

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C


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