4th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Self Test-1

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    Read the following passage carefully and choose the correct answer:     The longest structure ever built is the Great Wall of China, It runs 6,400 kilometers long and goes over hills, mountains and along the borders of deserts. The wall crosses northern China between the east coast and north-central China. The great wall is made up of different materials at different places. For example, the eastern part of the wall has a foundation of granite blocks. It has sides of stone or brick and the inner side of the wall is filled with earth. In the west, the Great Wall runs through hilly areas and along the borders of deserts where stone and brick were not easily available. In this part, the Wall is built with earth that is moistened with water and then pounded to make solid. Several different rulers of China built walls to protect their borders from invaders. Although it was intended to protect the rulers from invasion, it only served as a protection against minor attacks. Over the years the Wall collapsed and was rebuilt. The Chinese government in 1949 had to restore the wall. Today the Wall is not used for defence purposes, but is a tourist attraction for people from around the world.

    The Great Wall of China runs _________ over _________.

    A) 7400 kms; hills and mountains  

    B) 6400 kms; hills and mountains

    C) 7400 kms; hills, mountains and borders of deserts

    D) 6400 kms; hills, mountains and borders of deserts

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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