4th Class Science Shelter Question Bank Shelter

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage below. Then choose the best option for the questions given below. Shaurya had always liked zoos. It was great to see animals that didn't live around his house. Zoos were a great and fascinating way to spend his weekend learning about animals. Today, he was trying to go to a place which is a little different. He'd learned that near his house there was an animal shelter. It wasn't a regular shelter, though. The place he was going, he had heard lions and tigers and bears. It wasn't any regular shelter. As he arrived, he was surprised, because he heard lions even from the parking lot. The place was small, but nicely-kept. It was clean and the volunteers working at the entry were very helpful. He and his family toured the place, examining the cages and habitats the animals lived. Shaurya was immediately struck by the differences between this place and a zoo. Zoos had beautiful habitats set up for each animal, but you could not get near the animals at all. At this shelter, he was almost close enough to reach out and touch the animals. There weren't as many people, either, so it seemed like a more personal experience. The paths were narrow and covered with trees that mode the animals feel more at home and gave them shade. It was fun to watch the bears pace back and forth and wiggle their lips at you with great expressions. Then there were leopards lazing in the midday heat and monkeys grooming themselves. It was a very nice experience. Each animal had a story posted up on the side of their cage. Each had been rescued from abuse or taken where they were no longer wanted. These were hard luck stories with a happy ending. It was a great place. What is different about this animal shelter compared to the other ones Shaurya has seen?

    A) They have wild animals, not just dogs and cats

    B) This one is very far away

    C) This one is very big

    D) This one has only injured animals

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    They have wild animals, not just dogs and cats


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