10th Class Social Science Federalism and Center State Relation Question Bank Short Answer Type - Federalism

  • question_answer Distinguish between coming together federations and holding together federations.


    Distinction between Coming Together and Holding Together Federalism

    Coming Together Federalism Holding Together Federalism
    (i) Coming Together Federalism involves independent states coming together on their own to form a bigger unit. (i) Other way in which Federation can be formed is Holding together. In this system the large power or country decides to divide its power between the constituent states and national government.
    (ii) In coming together, units try to increase their security by pooling sovereignty and retaining identity. (ii) But in Holding Together there is the absence of pooling sovereignty and retaining identity. In fact in this federation the central government subordinates over the constituent units.
    (iii) In this category of federations, all the constituent units usually have equal power and are strong vis-à-vis the federal government. (iii) Whereas, in this second category, the central government tends to be more powerful vis-a-vis the states. Sometimes constituent units of the federation have unequal powers. For example, in India Jammu and Kashmir was granted special status.
    (iv) USA, Switzerland, and Australia have "Coming Together Federation." (iv) India, Spain and Belgium are examples of this kind of Holding together federations.

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