10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

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    Examine the main features of Gudem rebellion.
    Who was Alluri Sitaram Raju? Examine his role in inspiring the rebels with Gandhiji's ideas.


    In the Gudem Hills of Andhra Pradesh a militant guerrilla movement spread in early 1920s. This movement was not similar to Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement yet the inspiration came from Gandhiji.
    The movement was basically to protest against forest laws. Here, as in other forest regions, the colonial government had closed forest areas, preventing people from entering the forests to graze their cattle or to collect firewood or fruits. This enraged the people of the hills.
    Not only were they deprived of their livelihood and food but their traditional rights too were denied when the government compelled them to work free (begar) for road-building. They revolted under Alluri Sitaram Raju who was popular because of his special power of astrological predictions and the power to heal people. He could survive bullet-shots. The rebels believed that he was an incarnation of God.
    Though Raju respected Gandhiji, he asserted that India could be liberated only by the use of force and not through non-violence. The Gudem rebles attacked police stations and attempted to kill British officials. Raju was eventually captured and executed in 1924.

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