10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

  • question_answer What is known as Gandhi-Irwin Pact?


    The Civil Disobedience Movement started in March 1930 and by the end of the year nearly 100,000people were arrested.
    In such a situation the Viceroy Lord Irwin signed an agreement with Gandhiji on 5th March 1931 because he wanted the Congress to attend the Round Table Conference in London. This agreement is referred to as the a Gandhi-Irwin Pact.
    Gandhiji promised to call off Civil Disobedience Movement and consented to participate in the 2nd Round Table Conference in London. The Viceroy agreed to release the political prisoners who were not charged with violence.
    In December 1931, Gandhiji attended the conference but returned disappointed as the negotiations in London conference failed.

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