10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

  • question_answer Explain the Jallianwalla Bagh incident.


    On 13 April 1919, the in famous Jallianealla Bagh incident took place. On that day a crowd of people gathered in an enclosed ground called Jallianwalla Bagh to attend a meeting Being strangers to the city they were unaware that martial law had been imposed by General Dyer. The angry General blocked the exit and ordered his troops only to open fire on the innocent crowed, killing hundreds, He declared that his aim was to create a feeling of terror and awe in the minds of the satyagrahis.
    This incident proved to be a landmark in the history of Indian National Movement. The cruelty and atrocities committed on Indians made Gandhiji decide to start more broad-based movement in India.

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