9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Working of Institutions

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    Distinguish between the Cabinet and the Council of Ministers?


    (a) The Council of Ministers consists of three categories of ministers-Ministers of Cabinet Rank, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers. The Cabinet is the inner circle of the Council of Ministers. A cabinet is an informal body of ministers. (b) The Cabinet is a cohesive and important group consisting of about 15 to 18 ministers who hold important portfolios and work as a team under the Prime Minister. (c) All Cabinet Ministers are Members of the Council of Ministers but all ministers are not members of the Cabinet. (d) The Cabinet Ministers meet regularly and formulate policies of the government while ministers of State and Dee Ministers have no say in the formulation of national polices. In the day-to-day working, the Council of Ministers as a whole rarely meets.

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