4th Class Science Solar System Question Bank Solar System

  • question_answer Direction: Read the passage below and answer the following questions? Amit went to a science museum with his elder brother who is an astronaut. From the museum, he saw the sky using a telescope and was able to see a big bright object. His brother told him that this bright object in the sky is a planet that is very unique as it has rings and the greatest number of moons. Moving further he also saw group of stars forming a shape of the bear. Returning home he was very amused and full of queries in his mind. Can you answer some of his queries? What do we call such a group of stars that form some pattern such as a bear in Amit?s case?

    A) Constellation   

    B) Galaxy         

    C) Asteroid                      

    D) Comet

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

        The pattern of stars that was formed is known as a constellation.       


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