2nd Class English Spoken and written Expression Question Bank Spoken and Written Expression

  • question_answer Directions: Read the conversation given below and fill in the blanks from the options given below. Today was 25th December, Jenny was really excited. It was Christmas Day today. Her father had decorated the Christmas tree. One of her friends, Soniya had come over. She asked", "When did you do these decorations" Jenny answered (21)"_____________". Soniya became more curious, she again asked" Then who did them? Jenny replied (22) ____________.He does them every year." Soniya again asked (23)" ____________"? To which Jenny replied "I do the gift wrapping. I did it last year also." Soniya asked Jenny" What does your mother do on Christmas"? Jenny replied (24) ____________." Soniya asked "Does she make good Christmas cakes"? Jenny replied (25)"____________". Soniya said "I love Christmas cakes". Jenny said (26)"_______________." Soniya asked Jenny "What all do you do during Christmas"? Do you go to the church"? Jenny replied (27)'__________" Soniya Said "Oh! That's really good. She again asked'(28) ___________?" "We exchange gifts when we visit each other". Jenny replied. "Do you also sing Christmas carols?" Soniya wanted to know. (29)"__________"Jenny said. "That means celebrating Christmas is great fun!" Soniya was really excited now. (30)_____________Jenny was equally excited. "Merry Christmas Jenny" Soniya wished Jenny. Jenny also said"(31) __________.

    A) "Happy Birthday to you"

    B) "Merry Christmas to you too!"

    C) "What are you doing? It will spoil the whole thing."

    D) "You've done a great job"

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

        "Merry Christmas to you too!"


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