JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry GOC Question Bank Structural and stereo isomerism

  • question_answer cis and trans 2-butene are [BHU 1998; DPMT 2002]

    A) Conformational isomers

    B) Optical isomers

    C) Position isomers

    D) Geometrical isomers

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

      Cis and trans 2-butene are geometrical isomers. \[\underset{\,C{{H}_{3}}}{\mathop{\underset{|}{\mathop{C}}\,H}}\,=\underset{C{{H}_{3}}}{\mathop{\underset{|}{\mathop{C}}\,H\,\,}}\,\] and \[\underset{\begin{smallmatrix}  \,\,| \\  C{{H}_{3}} \end{smallmatrix}}{\mathop{\,CH=}}\,\overset{C{{H}_{3}}}{\mathop{\overset{|}{\mathop{C}}\,H\ \,}}\,\]

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