6th Class Mental Ability Time and Money Question Bank Time and Money

  • question_answer The rates for Aman's cellular phone service are given in the table. Phone rates (per minute)
    Weekdays Rs. 0.12
    Week nights   Rs. 0.07
    Weekends Rs. 0.05
    During the first month, Aman used his phone for 151 minutes on weekends, 200 minutes on weeknights and 32 minutes on weekdays. What was his phone bill for the first month?

    A)  \[Rs.29.35\]                

    B)  \[Rs.23.59\]    

    C)  \[Rs.25.39\]    

    D)       \[Rs.25.93\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Not Available


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