JEE Main & Advanced Physics Photo Electric Effect, X- Rays & Matter Waves Question Bank Topic Test - Photo Electric Effect, X-Rays & Matter Waves

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    The approximate wavelength of  a photon of energy 2.48 eV is                                

    A) 500 \[\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    B) 5000 \[\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    C) 2000 \[\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    D) 1000 \[\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] By using  \[E(eV)=\frac{12375}{\lambda (\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,)}\] \[\Rightarrow \,\,\lambda \,=\frac{12375}{2.48}=4989.9\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\,\approx \,5000\,\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]

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