7th Class Science Transportation in Animals and Plants Question Bank Transportation in Plants and Animals

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    The given figure shows a setup at the start of an experiment (X) and after a few days (V). The change observed in setup Y is due to

    A)  Upward movement of food getting blocked

    B)  Downward movement of food getting blocked

    C)  Upward movement of water getting blocked

    D)  Downward movement of water getting blocked.

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    If the phloem tissue is removed from the stem of the plant, as shown in the figure, then the stem shows swelling in the upper portion due to the accumulation of food material which is being synthesised in the leaves. This happens because after removal of phloem tissue, the downward movement of food gets blocked as the phloem transports the food from leaves to other parts of the plant.                                 

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