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  • question_answer If (to geometrically similar impellers of a centrifugal compressor are operated at the. same speed, then their head discharge and power will vary with their diameter ratio:                             

    A) \[d,{{d}^{2}}\,\,and\,\,{{d}^{3}}\]Respectively                 

    B) \[d,\,{{d}^{3}}\,\,and\,\,{{d}^{5}}\] Respectively                 

    C) \[d,\,{{d}^{3}}\,\,and\,\,{{d}^{5}}\] Respectively               

    D) \[{{d}^{2}},d\,\,and\,\,{{d}^{3}}\] Respectively   

    Correct Answer: D

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