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  • question_answer According to fan laws, which of the following relation is valid? (Q \[-\] discharge, N \[-\] speed, D \[-\] diameter) Subscripts 1 and 2 for two sets of conditions):

    A) \[\left( \frac{{{Q}_{1}}}{{{Q}_{2}}} \right)={{\left( \frac{{{N}_{1}}}{{{N}_{2}}} \right)}^{2}}\]        

    B) \[\left( \frac{{{Q}_{1}}}{{{Q}_{2}}} \right)={{\left( \frac{{{N}_{1}}}{{{N}_{2}}} \right)}^{3}}\]

    C) \[\left( \frac{{{Q}_{1}}}{{{Q}_{2}}} \right)={{\left( \frac{{{D}_{1}}}{{{D}_{2}}} \right)}^{2}}\]        

    D) \[\left( \frac{{{Q}_{1}}}{{{Q}_{2}}} \right)={{\left( \frac{{{D}_{1}}}{{{D}_{2}}} \right)}^{3}}\]

    Correct Answer: D

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