UPSC Geography The origin and evolution of the earth Question Bank Universe / Sun / Planets / Earth

  • question_answer Match the following               W[NDA 2008-I]
    List-I (Celestial Body) List-II (Roman God)
    A. Mercury 1.God of the Underworld and Death
    B. Pluto 2. God of Commerce. Eloquence and Skill
    C. Mars 3. God of the Sea
    D. Neptune 4. God of War

    A)             A-3       B-1       C-4       D-2

    B)             A-2       B-4       C-1       D-3

    C)             A-3       B-4       C-1       D-2

    D)             A-2       B-1       C-4       D-3

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    A. Mercury  God of Commerce. Eloquence Skill
    B. Pluto  God of Underworld and Death
    C. Mars God of War
    D. Neptune  God of the Sea


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